Blue Roo Theatre Company

Blue Roo Theatre Company creates contemporary performances lead by the artistry, experiences and imaginations of an ensemble of artists with diverse ability and impairment.

Through unique artistic collaborations they redefine theatrical genres. The personal and private investment of the artists ensures that the work connects with everyone and poetically engages the public, social and political discussions.



Thursday October 10 2019

Around tells the story of an approaching new year and the life-members of Club Ted go about their unchanging routine; until a visitor arrives to challenge the core of everything they know.

Performed by inclusive theatre company Blue Roo, Around features a cast of 26 fabulous performers and eleven outstanding local musicians. Artistically lead and devised by the Blue Roo ensemble, this show is a must-see celebration of diversity.

Creative Team

Artistic Director/Blue Roo Clark Crystal
Playwright/Independent Artist Sonny Clarke
Movement Director/Blue Roo Associate Artist Brian Lucas
Costume Designer/Independent Artist Sharon Clarke
Set Designer/Independent Artist Josh McIntosh
Lighting Designer/QPAC Andrew Hadden
Videographer/Independent Artist Stephanie Do Rozario
Sign Interpreter and Translator/Switch/Deaf Services Queensland Artist Mel Busch
Photographer/Independent Artist Dylan Evans


Violin/viola/Independent Musician Lara Baker-Finch
Drums/percussion/glockenspiel/Independent Musician Aaron Wright
Piano/bass/trombone/Independent Musician David Kershaw
Cello/Independent Musician Rafael Abraham
Flute/Independent Musician Katya Willet
Trumpet/Independent Musician Nick Jones
Trumpet/Independent Musician Sophie Kukulies
Guitar/Independent Musician Amos Pellos
Flute /Independent Musician Brijette Brooks
Musical Composer and Director/Piano/Guitar/Bass/Musical Director Blue Roo Luke Scott

Photo by Dylan Evans

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